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Sending SMS messages for Admins

There are two ways to do text messaging in using your own personal phone number for small P2P text campaigns, or using a Twilio phone number for larger campaigns with multiple users.

​For both options, the user can go to on their phone’s web browser, then navigate to Lists and use the green Contact button to start contacting people on a list. More details for users sending SMS messages can be found here.

The first option is for small batches of text messages using a personal cell phone number. In this case (the default method), when they click “Text”, will open a draft text message on their phone’s messaging app, which they can then send, then return to Datrmin to mark the text as having been sent.

​The second option is for larger lists of text messages using the app directly. In this case (using a Twilio phone number), when they click “Text” a box pops up with a draft text message (still within They can then review this draft and send it, and will quickly move to the next contact.

​The second option will only work with a new phone number from Twilio. It won’t work with an existing cell phone number unless you port the number from the cell carrier to Twilio, and that process takes weeks.

​Long story short, if you have an existing cell phone number, you don’t need to do anything to send text messages from that number except login to on that device. If you have multiple users sending to large lists though, you would just need to setup a new number (which is very quick) and add a Twilio integration to your account.